➽ 03/04/2022 - the detritus of the day

time: 2:00 pm

mood: tired and a little strained

listening: lofi hip hop radio - relax/study

tldr: holding on, but tired. many little matters- motw, mother, writing, food, health and home.

where was i?

oh right.

two weeks on, what has shifted?

  • motw finally started on the next mystery

my players are all very scared of owls and i'm very pleased. they travel north, escorting baba bolotnitsa, and try to make sense of strange beasts in the night, of baba's lullabies, and of trolls demanding tithes- good luck, lovelies...

i'm starting to feel like i'm grappling better with pacing and atmosphere, which is good because i want to prep a oneshot suitable for pickup groups/system novices. my dnd group is having oneshots on the last week of each month, and i'd really like to take over one week... but god pacing can be my worst enemy LMAO we'll get there

  • i wrote porn and actually shared it for once

hell yea motherfucker

look i am absolutely no novice when it comes to writing/rping smut i just never share it- so it did feel like a step forwards. it's for the wayhaven chronicles and here on ao3. and i'm pretty pleased with it!

i'm not planning on returning fully to TWC until we're closer to a book3 release- it's a pretty dormant fandom right now, and while i do enjoy sharing stuff with the friends i've made thru it, i can't deny i'm weak to the easier popularity of redacted stuff...

mind, i haven't written much of that lately either. i could have done a great april fools joke if id thought of it sooner, but oh well. have fallen behind a bit in listening to audios, i just need a change of pace...

  • mother is a menace and i love her BUT...

i mean, it's inevitable. she buggered up her time management, wasted a day that i'd set aside to work with her, and it's been hard to get back into doing the mari kondo organising again. she called this morning about doing some work today, but it was too early- we need to schedule these things at least the night before, because on the phone in the morning i'll say fucking whatever necessary to have no obligations lmfao. i'll call her later to find out how she went. really, i did need this weekend off, though. tiredness should only be pushed through so much...

now what?

with my housemate going on lite&easy, i'm now adjusting to the mostly-solo groceries-and-cooking duties again. it's harder than when they go away to visit friends, cos i can't quite get through my head that i'm Allowed to use the kitchen sometimes. i try to plan cooking for when i have support, but then if that gets cancelled last minute that can be difficult to adapt with. yesterday was a wash, i ordered pizza. unsure if today's going to be much better. i feel Weary so... we'll see if i succumb to a nap.

successfully got access back to my yoga app, now i have to consider Doing It lmfao. yet again, something which will improve my energy levels over time, but in the meantime...

i fell off the horse when it comes to listening to the radio, too. all the little things... i don't feel like i'm fucking up, though. it's just all rolling on. i'm managing my weavers group commitments, i'm Mostly keeping up with laundry. the house is lagging a bit in maintenance, but it's not unliveable or unsalvagabel. just need to do a bin run.

this is long and aimless and i am tired. lofi hip hop not helping zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz